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The way you log in at the WalmartOne ASDA Portal now changed. ASDA Walmart changed their official URL of the Walmart One to view the monthly payslip, work schedule, pay benefits-related data.

ASDA has more than 165000 employees and Walmart has more than 2.2 million employees so maintain Walmart & ASDA employees record, Walmart developed Walmart One Website.

On this official Walmartone ASDA website, the company stored its employees’ records, work schedule, paystub, personal details. By Sign in at the One ASDA portal, you can check your weekly or daily work schedule.

You need a User ID and Password to access the ASDA Walmart One portal from the ASDA PC/Laptop. If you want to access the portal on your personal device then you will need to sign up for 2 Step Verification. or

The colleagues of ASDA are a little bit confused with the official portal of the ASDA Walmart one. But there is no difference between and

Both are the official website of the ASDA walmartone. Now the is redirected by Walmart to

When you access in your web browser you will be redirected to the login page of Walmart. 

Visit the link on your browser to access the ASDA Walmart portal.

How to Sign in At

All the associates of ASDA Walmart can access their work schedule, payslip, and account details from by login into their account.

You can access the official Walmart1 website on the company computer/system and also on your personal computer/device. There is only one condition that is you required 2 SV codes to access the Asdawalmartone on your personal computer.

NOTE: If you accessing the on your company/store computer then you do not need a 2 Step Verification code.

Now follow the given steps to sign in at Walmartone ASDA.

STEP 1. Visit the official website or

STEP 2. On the homepage click on the Login option.

STEP 3. Now you will be redirected to the Login window.

STEP 4. Now enter your User ID and choose country/region and location.


STEP 5. At last click on the Sign In.

ASDA Walmart one LoginVisit Here

What is 2 Step Verification? 

2 step verification is a code that you required to login into your ASDA Walmartone account. The code you will get via text, phone call, or via the app. 

This code is required every time when you access the Walmart one ASDA portal on your personal device (Mobile, Laptop, Computer). This step is taken by ASDA Walmart to keep the employees and company data safe. 

In case you are accessing the Walmart One ASDA website on a company computer/laptop then you do not require the 2 Step Verification Code. On the company computer, you only need your Username and Password to Sign in at

How To Setup 2 Step Verification?

To set up 2 step verification you need to use the Walmart company system. Open Walmartone website on your company/store system and then set up wmlink/2step.

  • Visit on your company system/computer.
  • Now on the login page enter your Username and Password.
  • Next, choose your Country/Region and location.`
  • Next step click on the Sign In button.
  • Now from your dashboard click on 2 SV and you will get 2 option to set the 2 SV.
  • Choose any one (Text, Voice and app) to get your 2 Step Verification code.
  • Now after this enter your mobile number, customer ID and other required details and click on Submit Button.
  • Now you successfully set up the 2 Step verification

In case you want to change the 2SV code receive method then follow the same process and remove registered credentials and then set a new method.

Set Up 2 SVView Here

How to Reset ASDA Walmart one Password? – Microsoft SSPR

What is SSPR? SSPR is a Self Service Password Reset platform that allows you to reset the ASDA Pc password by yourself and it is the same as the Walmartone password. This process is only for the depots and home offices only. 

  • To set up Microsoft SSPR visit
  • Use your login credentials to sign in.
  • Now you will be asked to provide some information (phone number, email address or security questions) to reset your password.
  • Next, verify any one method and click on Finish.
Set Up Microsoft SSPRVisit here
Reset Your PasswordReset Here

ASDA Total Package Login

ASDA total package website is developed for the ASDA hourly colleagues. On the ASDA total package website colleagues get their account details, work schedule, and all other important details related to their employment.

The official URL of the website is But now ASDA redirects it to the

Now all the hourly colleagues need to sign in at the website to get access to their Payslips. is

Walmart One Wire Portal & How to Login?

Walmart wire portal is now Walmart Wire one portal is the portal that was used by the associates at the Walmart Store to access pay stubs and work schedules.

But now Walmart changes the process and developed only one portal. Walmart wire one portal is redirected to the portal. portal is the only portal to access Walmart one at work time or at home.

Setup 2sv to access at your home or anywhere. Follow the same login steps that I provided above.

Walmart Wire or

Walmartone App – ASDA WM1 App Registration/Login

Walmart launched its mobile application and this application is available on the play store or apple store. You can search the app on your mobile App Store with the words WM1 and Walmart one.

This app is available for only those country where Walmart has stores and also this app is only for the Walmart associates. 

How to Install Walmartone App?

  • To install the app open your mobile App Store search WM1 or Walmart1 / Walmartone.
  • Next click on the official app that has more than 1M downloads. 
  • Now you will get a login form where you will get the Registration, Login and forgot password option.
  • Click on register and enter all the required details such as employee id, country/region, location and other required details.
  • After this click on register and then save your User ID and password for login.

Here is the direct link to the Walmart1 app for both Android and IOS employees.

WM1 Android AppGet Here
Walmart1 IOS APPGet Here

Walmartone ASDA Helpline

All those associates who have any query regarding their Walmart one login then you can contact your HR team and also on the given helpline number.

The HR team helps you very quickly and gives you the right solution to your problem. In case you want your WIN and want to set up 2 Step verification then call on the given number.

  • Retail Colleagues – 0113 291 9000
  • Depot and Home Office Colleagues – 6123 or 0113 826 1262

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How Can I access my Walmart ASDA payslip?

To access your Walmart Asda payslip visit On the homepage click on the Me & My Team and then click on My Pay, Benefits, and Recognition. Enter your user id and password to sign in to your account. Then from your Asda Walmart one dashboard you can check your payslips.

Can I access walmartone on my personal device?

Yes, Walmart one Asda is accessed by colleagues by entering into their browser. But before access the website on personal computer/mobile you need to set up 2 step verification. Use ASDA PC and open to set up

About ASDA

ASDA is a supermarket chain in the United Kingdom and the headquarter is located in Leeds, England. ASDA was founded by Peter and Fred Asquith Sir Noel Stockdale in 1949. It is the top retail industry in the UK and has stores in more than 632 locations around the UK.

165000 employees are working with the giant retailer ASDA. The main services that ASDA provides are Grocery, financial services, and general merchandise.

In 1999 ASDA was listed on the London stock exchange and that year US giant retailer Walmart acquired ASDA for £6.7 billion. Now ASDA is part of Walmart and ASDA is the 2nd largest supermarket in the UK. 

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